今年夏天,F&M is offering more than 60 courses with in-person 和 online options. If your student is looking to dip their toes into new subjects, take a deep dive into a core area of their major, or make a splash on their path to graduation, please encourage 报名参加我们的暑期班!



的 Family Educational Rights 和 隐私 Act is a Federal law that protects the privacy 学生教育记录. 了解更多关于FERPA 并查看下面的常见问题解答.


Grades, billing information 和 disciplinary cases are considered private.


的 College will contact 家庭 in emergencies, certain disciplinary cases that involve alcohol or drugs, or when a student drops out of good disciplinary st和ing 与学院合作.


如果你有问题可以随时打电话给我们. 我们可以100%公开我们的流程 工作. While we can't share details about a student's particular situation, we can 共享一般信息. 给你的建议是问,“如果一个学生正在经历 _____, what could we expect the College's typical response to be?“在大多数情况下, you will get the information you need to help your student.

Can my student give me permission to have access to information?

是的. 学生s can grant access to family members, employers, other institutions, or 他们选择的任何人. However, it is always our expectation that students will play 管理他们职责的主要角色.







Explore the fields of study, courses, 和 curriculum available 在F&M.




的 Office of the 注册商 is responsible for maintaining the academic records of all current 和 former students 和 for upholding the academic policy set by the faculty. Find out more about course registration, graduation requirements, 和 more to help 你的学生走在正轨上.



Whether a student is seeking tutoring on a particular topic, wants their paper reviewed for grammar, or is curious to learn effective study habits, there are many options 在F .的学术支持&M.


金融 & 计费

学费,学费 & 计费

Each student is charged, on a semester by semester basis, fees that cover tuition, housing, food, 和 some College charges for activities 和 labs. 通过观看了解更多信息 the schedule of fees 和 expenses for this academic year.



学费支付 & eBill

F&M uses an online billing 和 payment system for student tuition bills, meaning paper 学费账单不打印和邮寄. 您可以访问查看和打印账单 statement 和 make payments online after your student has set up 授权用户/代理访问.



在F&M, we welcome talented students from all economic backgrounds. 我们提供各种各样的 基于需求的援助和优秀的援助. 我们保证100%满足被录取学生的要求 institutionally determined financial need for all four years on campus.



F&M的借方账户(Ben 's Bucks)

你得给学生的F加分&M借方账户? 在F&M,这些基金叫做 Ben’s Bucks, 和 you can easily add more funds to your student’s account.


健康,健康 & 安全


A healthcare partnership with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, the 学生 Wellness Center is a fully integrated center providing accessible, confidential, high quality medical 和 mental health services to support the academic 和 general wellbeing 的学生.


Health insurance coverage is required for all full-time undergraduate students enrolled 在F&M. College policy requires students to maintain health insurance coverage that covers them every day of their higher education career, including summer 和 breaks. 的 College’s student health insurance policy is administered by QM Services 和 runs 8月1日至7月31日.


学生无障碍服务办公室(SAS) 工作s with students who have disabilities to determine reasonable accommodations 和 ensure that they have equal access to all 他们教育的各个方面. 住宿可能包括学术,餐饮和住房 需要.


F&M’s Department of 公共安全 (DPS) is an accredited law-enforcement agency on 校园致力于使F&我的社区是一个安全的生活和学习环境. 的 team 工作s 24 hours a day to maintain a safe atmosphere for students, faculty, staff, 和游客.


如果你关心一个F级的学生&M,你可以通过我们的推荐来做报告 form. 的 DipCares program allows anyone who is concerned about a student — including F&M employees, family members, roommates, 和 more — to submit reports. 一次报告 is received, DipCares will reach out to the student 和 offer support as deemed appropriate. NOTE: If you are worried about the immediate safety of a student/self, please call 911或F&公共安全部717-358-3939.


We offer free on-campus shuttle services to both libraries, several of the residence 宿舍,以及各种校外地点. 在学期结束时,我们也提供 shuttles services to Baltimore-Washington International Airport 和 Philadelphia International 机场收费.


与F连接&米的父母 & 社交媒体上的家庭

与其他自豪的F家庭见面&在这个Facebook页面上有M个学生只是为了家长和 家庭. You’ll have opportunities to ask questions, join discussions, 和 more.


鼓励家长参加F&M的各种活动产品. 联系的机会 与F的其他成员&M社区全年都有,无论是在校园还是在学校 F的故乡&M的众多地区分会.


富兰克林 & PG电子 父母 Council is a group of prominent 和 influential 富兰克林的父母 & 马歇尔 students who serve as knowledgeable 和 generous 该制度的倡导者. 通过服务、倡导和慈善事业,我们的父母 理事会领导人帮助推进富兰克林的使命 & 马歇尔,并提高生活 为所有现在和将来的人提供学习经验&米的学生.


父母属于F类&M's most loyal donors, but they are just as generous with their time. 的y volunteer to mentor students, come to campus to discuss the challenges 和 opportunities within their industries, 和 help us place F&M学生实习 和就业.


Volunteer alumni 和 parents from around the nation serve as ambassadors for the College 作为富兰克林的一部分 & 马歇尔入学网络(FAN),建立社区 among past, present, 和 future students 和 parents of F&M并促进福利 F的&向未来的学生和他们的家长提供M教育.


贵公司是否有兴趣招聘外交官实习生? 或者你愿意回答 学生提出的与您所在行业相关的问题? 欢迎家长成为会员 真蓝网络的,F&M的社交网站,以帮助推出一个F&M学生或 毕业走向成功.


计划去F旅行&M? Stay at 酒店s near campus 和 grab a bite from one of Lancaster’s more than 100 restaurants, cafes 和 eateries, featuring food from around the world! 探索我们的建议,包括我们的 酒店住宿加早餐 为F提供特殊价格的合作伙伴&米的游客.



你有什么问题吗? 我们很乐意帮忙. 请随时与我们联系 家庭@f和m.edu 或访问 我们的联系页面.